Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Perfect Purple. Nails inc. Victoria Gate

So after I found my Grey nail polish 'Berkeley Square', I also came across this AMAZING purple color! It is so pretty and shiny. The color itself is a creme finish which means no sparkle or shimmer to it.
It does have amazing shine without a top coat though, which to me doesn't really matter because I have to wear a base coat and top coat for the color to even stay on my nails for more than a day! but for some of you who have really strong nails you will be pleased to know that it does keep its shine throughout the week -
How Do I Know This?? I tried it out on one of my closest friends who has nails literally made of STEEL! (well not literaly but you get the picture) and she loved the color and it didn't chip or loose too much shine for more than a week! (the reason there was no top coat was she didn't have enough time to get one put on).
So getting back to the point, I love nearly all Nails Inc products
  • hand creams
  • scrubs
  • nail polish (formula, staying power, colors, etc)
  • nail files
  • lots of offers and deals
  • collections
  • etc
BUT they do have some down sides.
  • Price! Each nail polish is about £10.50 each, (about $16.94)
  • The website doesn't ship to outside the mainland UK and Ireland.
  • Postage (shipping) takes quite a long time (up to 14 days)
But that is just if you order of the website direct at I have however found a website which ships internationally, for all you lovelies outside the UK! at

 This is with only one coat so you can see how amazing the color pigmentation is. The color on the nails looks a little more pinky than in real life and the color in the polish bottle is very true to life.

This is with two coats and without a top coat, the color really is amazing!
The formula isn't at all 'goopy' as I like to call it and it really is a great polish!


So whats your favorite Purple nail polish? Or even your favorite brand? comment below.

xoxo B

*FTC Disclaimer - I have not been sent any of the products I used / mentioned in this posting. The opinions I express are all my own. I have not been  paid to do this post. I am not at all affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. All products were bought with my own money for my enjoyment and use.*