Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Great Grey Fiasco 2009/2010. Nails Inc. Berkeley Square

I have been searching and searching for the perfect grey nail color, not too light and not too dark. I didn't want any shimmer or shine, or sparkles or matteness. Thats not too much to ask? Or is it?!
Apparently it is too much, as for the whole of the autumn winter season I was looking for the perfect color, and now at the beginning of spring - I FOUND IT! Grrrrrr so irritating, and if thats not bad enough I had it the whole time in my Nails inc Autumn/Winter collection09 which I actually purchased when it first came out IN AUGUST! Well I got over the initial sense of anger at my stupidity and moved on, Who says you can't wear grey nail polish in January? not me! and technically its not even spring yet so I'm still good for a while. So here it is the BEST grey color available (and sadly I think it is a UK only company unless you don't mind getting slashed on shipping/P&P, or you buy off e-bay or something)

With some Rhinestones added to the thumbnail for some Frosting!
The color is Berkeley Square. The formula is amazing! You really could go out with only one coat although I have 2 coats on in the picture along with my base and top coat. The color in the pictures is slightly lighter than in real life and it looks amazing!
The whole collection I got for £20 ($32.29) and usually the individual nail polishes retail for about £10.50 ($16.95) which may seem really pricey but it is amazing quality, and you really do get what you pay for...
For example, OPI nail polish I can usually get to last for about 2-3 days without chipping, with Nails inc, its about 4-6 days. Which I am telling you is a MIRACLE! Nail polish does not stay long on my flaky, bendy, damaged nails!
To end this post on a happier note than my annoying nails, I believe that the Autumn/Winter 09 collection is still available but you have to get it quickly before its gone!
What's your favourite gray color? Do you have any recommendations for me? comment below.
xoxo B

*FTC Disclaimer - I have not been sent any of the products I used / mentioned in this posting. The opinions I express are all my own. I have not been  paid to do this post. I am not at all affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. All products were bought with my own money for my enjoyment and use.*